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Birth is such a transformational and pivotal part of any parents' life. We envision how we'll give birth and how we'll meet our baby and sometimes our experience doesn't match our expectations. Sometimes it leaves us with unresolved feelings of trauma, guilt and emotional pain and we can feel robbed from the experience we deserved to have. Every birthing person deserves a peaceful, calm, empowered birth, under their rules rights as a human being. 

These sessions are designed to give you back the birth experience you so wholeheartedly deserved; by recreating your birth space, taking control of your preferences and your experience, we'll hopefully give you some form of closure from your birth trauma.

Partnered with Jenny from
You, Me and Baby, we'll work closely with each unique story to help you heal from your birth experience.

sessions start from £470


What's Included

Each course consists of a Full Rewind Treatment (you can find all the information here on Jenny's website) and a Reintroducing Birth Story, where you'll receive up to 5 hours photographic coverage, documenting your healing birth story. During this session, we'll focus on you, capturing the specific moments you're hoping to recreate or wished you had, in the space designed by you. After the treatment sessions have been completed, and when you feel ready, your gallery will be sent to you on a secure and private online link. 
There's no pressure to have this course completed in a time period, your comfort and happiness is paramount.

The Basic Layout

-Rewind treatment session 1

-Discussing plan for the Reintroducing Birth session 

-Rewind treatment session 2

-Reintroducing Birth Story

-Rewind treatment session 3 and debrief

-Gallery delivery

If this seems like just the thing for you or if you have a thousand questions, don't hesitate to get in touch. Your story is important.

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