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motherhood: essence of being


Hey and welcome to the brand spanking new sessions I'm now super crazy excited to be offering - welcome to Motherhood: Essence of Being.

These sessions are aimed at women who feel out of touch with their bodies, souls and minds after pregnancy and giving birth. 

The aim is to empower women to regain the confidence they may have lost over this period of time. Although pregnancy and birth are wondrous, incredible journeys we take, it’s understandable to feel disconnected to the body, mind and soul you had before. 


A lot of women find they can become distant with their sexuality, passion and sex drive; feeling sexy and in charge of your own body is one step to regaining confidence and ownership of your magnificent bodies.

I know how daunting it can feel to be in front of the camera, to be open with someone new, but trust yourself, trust the process and let it all go. Breathe it in, enjoy the freedom of being you. 


What’s included:

  • a pre-session and informal consultation (video or in person) to discuss exactly what you’d like to gain from your shoot, what style would suit you and to discuss locations and bounce ideas off each other

  • 2 outfit changes

  • 1-2 hour session

  • an online gallery filled with all your hand edited images with 20 to choose from

This shoot is for YOU. It’s for YOU to feel strong and empowered and a reflection of who you are, how you see yourself or want to see yourself. Feeling free to be you and enjoying yourself is important to me so I encourage you to be as honest and open with your ideas.  

For example, Nicole (the beautiful queen pictured here) connects with the elements; the earth, sea and wind so we based her ‘Motherhood: Essence of Being’ session around that and chose locations fitting with her ideas. 

You’re still you; your belly may be bigger, eyes might be more tired and your heart is on the outside now in the form of a child. Your bodily changes and your weight is not equal to your worth.

You are a damn good mother, just needing a little bit of confidence to find yourself again. Embrace your ‘imperfections’ (but they are in fact perfect!) and allow yourself to feel who you are. 

If the idea of these sessions resonate with you, do it. If it excites you, do it. If it scares you, do it. Taking the leap of faith is getting you one step closer to feeling you again, the confident, sexy, incredible human you are. You're still a mother, but you're still you, too. 

Fill out the mini questionnaire below and let's make some motherhood magic. I'm so excited for you!