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Updated: Jan 24

One of the many amazing things that makes my job so wonderful is being able to explore new areas for potential shoots. Matt, my fiancé, had 2 weeks holiday from work so we decided to explore the beaches, castles, ruins and hilly walks around South Wales. We've lived in Wales for almost a year but have done more exploring in the last two weeks - oh well, better late than never, I suppose. Matt, Alba and I packed our bags for the days out (mostly packing for Alba and forgetting everything of ours - babies need so much stuff?!) and head off in the car towards the Gower.

First up - Rhossilli Bay:

Our first trip out was pretty incredible. Apparently, Rhossilli Bay is one of the best beaches in the world (thanks, WalesOnline for the heads up) and it did absolutely not disappoint. If you're ever in Wales, go to Rhossili Bay, it's breathtaking.

Next up - Tintern Abbey:

Again, another wonderful site with some great history, beautiful architecture and structure and a cute gift shop (I'm a sucker for a good gift shop). We had such a lovely day out here and will definitely be back.

Three Cliffs Bay:

It was now glaringly obvious how unfit (what wedding diet?!) we both are as we tried to conceal how winded we were from climbing an embarrassingly small hill. We are both so stunned how beautiful the beaches and sites are in Wales - and we've only explored a fraction of it! I am so excited to take my lovely clients to these locations for shoots. So. Good.

Up next - Oxwich Bay:

This day was a "let's just drive and see where we end up" type day, and it's one of our favourites so far. Oxwich Bay was such a dream; there's so much beauty within all the nooks and crannies of the beach, rocks and hills and we had such an awesome time exploring. It was getting quite late and a bit too chilly for a baby who constantly dribbles and makes herself cold so we headed home but we are so excited to go back and explore some more!

Rhossilli Bay again, down to the beach this time:

Okay, Rhossilli Bay might be our favourite. It's absolutely massive and so breathtaking. We spotted about 10 bunnies which automatically bumps it up on the list. We left quite late for the Bay so ended up going home much later than we thought; after feeding Alba in the car watching the sunset, I ran out to catch the stunning sky as it changed before our eyes. The last image hasn't been edited at all - it's THAT beautiful.

Insole Court:

It's seriously not easy to take pictures with a human attached to your front, especially one who thinks the camera is something to grab onto and gets mad if they're still for too long...

Insole Court is such a beautiful site with a brilliant community surrounding it and it's only down the road from us (why haven't we been before? We seriously suck). Anyway, it's got stunning gardens that have a fairytale vibe to it and would be a great location for the classy couple...or anyone really. Because it's lovely.

Bracelet Bay:

We forgot it was a Bank Holiday weekend (hooray!) so we went out to Bracelet Bay and it was a scorcher. Lots of rocks and wicked backdrops and I'd love to do a grungy shoot here with dresses with serious flow and red lipstick. Ahh, I can see it now.

I've had such an incredible time visiting all the beaches and brilliant places around South Wales and have some new locations for my couples and clients. Want your pictures taken with the stunning scenery of Wales? I thought so. Get in touch and let's explore.

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