Is hiring a birth photographer right for you?

Updated: Jan 24

The birth of your child is undoubtedly one of the most monumental and incredible moments of your lives and the majority of people will want to document it in some way or another. The question is, is hiring a birth photographer something to consider or will you take some images yourself?

I'm really interested in the idea but unsure if it's right for me?

I think the important questions here are, what would you like to remember? I know from experience and from many other parents that labour, birth and immediately post is a blur. There's fatigue, medication, intense emotions and one of the busiest moments of your life so remembering your journey with clarity would be incredible (and congratulations if you can do this!).

But I ask you, would you like to see your reaction to your baby being born, at accomplishing an incredible feat and becoming a parent? Would you like to see and have your partner's reaction recorded to marvel over and be able to relive that moment they hold their baby for the first time? Your first skin to skin or the first time your baby looks at you? The wrinkly little toes, the folded ears, the colour of their hair?

Would you like to remember how the room looked, all the little details that made your story so wonderfully special and unique? If these all shout YES, then get in touch for a free consultation/chat. (Keep scrolling for more information and FAQs.)

I'm having a home birth, will you be able to capture this too?

Absolutely! Whether you're having a hospital birth, midwifery led, consultant led, home birth, I can capture it all. If you're having a planned c-section, it will be your responsibility to gain written permission from your consultant and theatre staff but I can help you with this! I am also happy to answer any questions they may have too. It's not very common photographers are allowed into theatre so if this is the case and I'm not permitted, I'll capture your story before and for a couple of hours after.

I really want the memories captured but I'm quite a private person/not too comfortable with my body.

Birth is an incredibly intimate experience and having someone who was once a stranger present can feel very daunting. At our consultation, we will discuss your levels of comfort, what you would like captured and what you feel less comfortable with. You are able to change your mind at ANY time and I will always respect your wishes. Birth photography isn't always about the crowning shot; if this isn't something that sits right with you but you'd love the story captured nonetheless, then this is what I'll capture. On the other hand, if you're comfortable for me to capture everything, that is absolutely welcome too. Labour and birth fascinate me, so there's no need to feel anxious on my part.

I'd love a birth photographer but my birth partner is unsure?

The best thing to do to ease any concerns is for us all to meet and chat about your birth plans and I can alleviate and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

It’s vital that everyone is comfortable and on board with having someone else in the room - you're a wonderful team bringing new life that you created together into the world. Having a birth photographer there allows your birth partner to be with you and give you their undivided attention and support rather than concentrating on taking images themselves. Another thing to consider is, would you like to see these images in years to come, or will you regret not having them?

Will you get in the way or disturb the birth space?

The answer is NO! I will absolutely not disrupt or interfere with you, the birth space or get in the way of the medical staff or your birth parter. This time is about YOU and I'm there to capture your story. I am confident and know my way around a birth space and will ensure I don't get in the way at all. All my clients have stated they didn't remember I was there or barely noticed me at all, and that's the way I intend it to be for all my birth clients.

Will my images be on the internet? Not unless you are happy for them to be. Each contract comes with model release and we will talk in our consultations specifically about what you're happy with being shown. The point of birth photography is to have these images for YOU and they'll only be shown if you're happy for them to be.

Birth photography is definitely on our list, but we are unsure if we can afford it.

Think of your birth photography as an investment and compare it to the price/reasoning of hiring a wedding photographer.

Would you want to have seen the moment you were born? Your children might also like to see their birth too; their first cuddles, what they looked like, how you felt.

I would absolutely hate (and I hate hearing it from parents) for you to regret not having your story captured - our babies grow up so quickly, so freezing those moments to relive forever is unquestionably priceless.

If you're unsure whether to have maternity, newborn or birth but can't afford them all, pick birth. The birth story will allow you to relive the raw, vulnerable and beautiful emotions of the day you became parents. It's pretty much guaranteed you'll take thousands of photographs on your phone of your bump and newborn, and this is because you can! In the birth space, you're a little preoccupied to say the least which is why having these images are so important.

I also offer payment plans and a gift registry to help with the cost. Payment plans are more spread out the earlier you book and anyone can contribute to the cost of your birth story using the gift registry option.

I believe everyone deserves to have the opportunity to have memories captured to relive forever, and cost shouldn’t be the reason you don’t get to have them.

I am currently offering a birth story model call for the next 3 births to book, meaning you can have your birth journey captured for 70% off the usual cost.

As a photographer, I’m constantly needing opportunities to grow and develop to become the best photographer I can be; this also means needing material and images for an ever growing portfolio to attract future clients. By doing the model call for birth stories, I am asking for families who would be willing to allow me to share their journey as part of my portfolio by signing a model release. If this is something that appeals to you, please get in touch today.

If you'd like to hear from past birth clients, please take a look at the testimonials and feel free to ask any questions you may have. I am so looking forward to hearing from you.

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