Motherhood: Essence of Being with Jorja

Updated: Jan 24

Jorja came to me wanting to do a Motherhood: Essence of Being session wanting to incorporate the elements that made her feel alive and that she connected with. In our consultation, we discussed ideas, outfits, colours and moods; I ask each MEOB client to tell me which elements they connect with and Jorja chose fire and water. Immediately we bounced ideas and our excitement built up and we were raring to shoot. Jorja also wanted to incorporate home comforts and being sexy and confident even at home. So with her 3 outfits, we got creative and DAMN, she slayed it.

Outfit One - home comforts (Click on the image to enlarge)

Outfit Two - regaining confidence

Outfit Three - fire and water

The aim of these sessions is to make mothers feel good about themselves, feel sexy and revitalised after having a baby. Although being a Mum encompasses us emotionally and physically, we're still the powerful and sexy women/people we were before we became mothers. I had the best day helping Jorja feel like her strong, powerful and sensual self again. I'm so proud of her confidence, trust and bravery and allowing herself to feel sexy and confident. Doesn't she look AMAZING? If you'd benefit from a confidence boost and like the idea of the Motherhood: Essence of Being sessions or even if the idea scares you to your core but you'd like to do one, get in touch, be brave and let's rediscover your fire.

Get in touch today for a full consultation before your shoot to discuss any wonderful ideas you may have - remember, the shoots are for YOU and to help you find yourself again. Each session is wildly different which is what makes them so special and unique. Click HERE to fill out a contact form. I CANNOT wait to chat with you! Let's make some magic, you sexy beast!

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