Patiently Waiting with Laura + Bump - Maternity Session

Updated: Jan 24

Here is Laura; a beautiful, blossoming, hilarious goddess patiently awaiting the arrival of her baby boy at 41 weeks. I was on call for her birth story when we decided to take some maternity shots to relax her and show her how truly amazing she really is. I absolutely love these images for it was only a week later, she went into labour and quickly birthed her baby boy with the undeniable support from her wonderful husband Mat. It was amazing to witness this strong and loving mama love and care for her baby so passionately inside and out. I'm so honoured to have met Laura and Mat and to have gotten to know them through this journey in their lives.

Maternity shoots are meant to empower, inspire and provide an everlasting memory of the time you grew and nourished a baby. What an amazing journey to embark! I am super raring to capture some more powerful pregnancy journeys; whether you’re 23 weeks or past your guess date, you have not only grown a new life, but found something in yourself worthy of capturing. Pregnancy is hard, physically, mentally and emotionally, but what an accomplishment you and your body have done! I am a firm believer in capturing even the most difficult times, because it shows our strength and growth. So even if the nausea is still there, you’ve perfected your waddle or if you’re embracing the glow and feeling amazing, let’s capture it so you can look back and see how freaking transformative you are.If you’re looking for raw, honest and beautiful images to remember your pregnancy journey, get in touch today to book your session. Fill in the contact form HERE and let’s make some beautiful memories!

Laura and Mat's birth story will be featured on the blog very soon and I can't wait to show you! Watch this space!

Here's Laura's birth testimonial: I never would of thought I'd of had a birth photographer and it was only after meeting Hannah that I wanted one as I felt so comfortable with her. I'm soooo happy that I did as the images are truly magical. It's so powerful to see yourself go through birth and realise how strong you are. Having the photos also helped me recall how supportive my husband was which with previous births due to being in the zone I really didn't think he was! Hannah supported me as much as I wanted leading up to the birth and was there in plenty of time despite a quick labour. We were in a small room but it didn't feel intrusive and soon after our baby was born we were left to take in our baby on our own. If your thinking about it just go for it I'm so happy I did despite being worried.

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