Maternity Session Dreams - A Nature Queen In Her Element

Updated: Jan 24

Han and I met during our amazing hypnobirthing course with You, Me and Baby a month or so ago and hit it off immediately. We worked together and have been discussing and planning this maternity shoot for the longest time and I am so, so thrilled with how it turned out. We connected artistically and emotionally, all the while laughing so hard we both peed our pants a bit #whatpelvicfloor? Here is the goddess queen, basking in the sun weeks before basking in newborn life.

One of my main motives for my work is to empower women and birthing people in feeling their most special, strong, free, and powerful. Yesterday was a beautiful example of bravery and empowerment, an extra boost before labour and birth. Believing in ourselves and believing in our own bravery and strength is key to bringing your child/ren Earthside.

I'm so proud of you, Han for feeling so liberated, brave and confident that you not only empowered herself but myself too. You showed me resilience and strength, grace and beauty and I know deep in my soul how wonderfully you’re going to birth your baby.

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