Creating magical memories with your kids - at home photoshoot ideas.

Well, what an absolutely bizarre time we’re experiencing right now. Quarantine is taking its toll on all of us in different ways; it’s bringing us together (the NHS clap is overwhelmingly beautiful and unifying) but also might be driving a teeny wedge between us. Working from home and also parenting at the same time, while also being stuck in the house, can cause tension and feelings of stress and guilt. I personally experience guilt (aka mum guilt) on a daily basis and now throwing work stresses into the mix, has made me feel overwhelmed. Being self employed and having to start refunding clients (birth isn’t something you can exactly postpone...), I’m unsure whether or not my business is going to stay afloat during this uncertain time. I decided there’s only so much stress one working, self employed mama can handle so I took matters into my own hands. Whether or not my business will still be here at the end of this, I still love photography.

So, today I decided it was time to combine my two joys and also the two combined things causing me stress; parenthood and photography, and make it work in our favour.

In this blog post, I’m going to show you how you can create your own memories and turn quarantine into your own mini photoshoot. What you’ll need:

- camera/something to take photos with (phone will work fine) that has self timer

- tripod or something to lean your phone/camera on

- blankets/rugs/plants/whatever you want to set up your backdrop

- a space you can design and decorate

- light! Natural light is best (windows or even go outside if it‘s safe to do so)


- if you’re outside, try to go into the shade and avoid harsh, direct light. You can use the direct light, but you’ll need to play around with settings or post production a lot more. Remember the goal is to have fun and create some memories, without the stress.

- try to avoid big logos or words on your clothes

- wear clothes with similar tones/colours as everyone else in your shoot for a more aesthetically pleasing image

Getting started:

1) Get some paper and get each person to write down their ideas, how they’d like to pose, and who would like a photo with you. Get a list compiled of the fun shots you’d like to take.

2) Spend time creating your outfits together; lay the outfits on the floor next to each other and ask your kid(s) what they think will work. Sometimes it’s completely the opposite to what you had in mind, and that’s okay. It’s really interesting to see their ideas come to life and watch them get creative.

3) Set up your space together. My daughter and I put a load of blankets in the garden, on the floor and on the bushes/wall so it was like our own mini studio set up. Ask your kids what they’re envisioning, and work together to create a great space as your backdrop.

Do they want it comfy/edgy/messy/tidy/space themed?

This is the perfect time to get creative and have fun together. If you have a phone that can record a time lapse of your setup and photoshoot, this can be a really fun thing to look back on afterwards to see everyone working together to create some memories!

4) Time to set up your camera/phone! Use a tripod or chair to keep it in the same place (so it doesn’t lose focus) after you’ve started self timer.

Place it in front of your setup and take a few shots to get your settings and framing right.

5) For group shots, pop on the 10 second timer and take turns pressing the shutter/button and racing back to the group before the timer runs out. Cheer your family on!

6) Take it in turns to be the director! My daughter today was directing me like a pro (look here, hand there etc) and see what fun poses you can come up with. Take individual shots, or groups, or images of toys. Whatever. It’s all about having fun and creating memories.

7) Optional last step! Editing! Finish off your images with some tweaks on your computer or phone or leave them as is. (On an iPhone, click EDIT and a bunch of different settings and filters come up, there’s lots of tutorials online about how best to use these, but I’d say have fun and discover it yourself)

It can be really fun and interesting to see how differently your editing visions are!

Why not try editing the same picture and then comparing them after? What do you like about the other person’s finished product?

This time we’ve been gifted seems very scary to us adults but for kids, it’s just really great to have everyone home and have fun together. So take your pictures, and in 10, 20, 50 years, you’ll look back and remember how much fun you had, taking yourself out of worldly stresses and being present with your family.

Have fun, I can’t wait to see what you and your kids come up with! Be sure to tag me on Instagram @hannahbphotographyuk so I can see!

Stay safe, stay home, wash your hands, hug often.

All my love and kindness,

Han xxxxxx

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