Family FreeLens Fun - Hannah B Photography

If you're unsure what freelensing is, fret ye not, I didn't know either. Sometimes called 'lens whacking' (hehehehe lol), it's a technique used by photographers to create a tilt shift effect by physically detaching the lens from the body. Scary and potentially damaging if done incorrectly, but when it's done right...well, that's where things get interesting. I've tried many times in the past attempting the art of freelensing. I put it to rest for a while and recently picked it back up again after being inspired by the creators over at Phlock Live online courses. Here's a few from a whole day of freelens practice, which I then put to good use during a maternity session that same evening - these images you can see in a blog, coming soon to a technological device near you. Some failed, some are fun, however this practice was so much fun and I'm hooooooked on freelensing.

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