Five Days New - Newborn Family Session

The last session of 2019 was an absolute blessing and I'm so excited to be able to share this heartwarming session with you. My childhood friends, Chris and Chelsea, welcomed their second baby, Finley, late last year and invited me back to capture their lives at five days postpartum. 19 and a half months ago, their first kiddo was born and she too, was photographed at 5 days old, so naturally we did the same for their son. Now a wonderful, lively and hilarious family of four, their little tribe is now complete.

How deeply loved you are already, surrounded by so much adoration, cuddles and squeezes (and nose pokes!) from your beautiful big sis.

Thank you so incredibly much to all my families, couples and parents who have trusted and invested in me last year. Hannah B Photography wouldn't exist without all you wonderful humans. So thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for allowing me to do what I love doing. For wonderful memories of your tribe, fill out the contact form HERE. AND Come and get your oxytocin fix and see what I’m up to over on Facebook and Instagram.

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