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The other day I was in a funk, and I hateeeeeee being in a funk. I just needed to stretch my legs, my creative eye and do something for me and my business. I had an idea that was bobbing around in the ol' brain and I decided to take action and do it. Here you'll find my step-by-step process to creating badass self portraits to get yourself out of your creative funk.

1) IDEA TIME Got an idea? Great. Jot it down, plan, draw a rough sketch and write all the things you'll need to accomplish your goal. My main idea for this shoot was: sitting, pink suit, slick hair, breastfeeding (as you can see above). Then I adapted for the space and got as many shots as possible trying different things. Self portraits are hard, so don't expect it to go right the first time. Keep trying. Feels very very cool when you get the shot you're hoping for. 2) LOCATION Having a good location can make ALL the difference. If you're feeling anxious or self conscious about taking self portraits in public, start off by finding a place that isn't frequented by passersby. Same if you're planning on stripping down or getting nude, last thing you need is to become an internet sensation for the wrong reasons. Also pick a place where you can utilise the space affectively - for example, try go to a place where there's multiple areas you can try out.

3) OUTFIT As soon as my bestie gave me this epic pink power suit (Thanks, H - you rock), I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do. I had a few ideas that led onto more experimenting once I was in the zone. Your outfit should represent the vibe you're aiming for and also make you feel comfortable OR uncomfortable, if that's the energy you're trying to portray. I've done some where I am intentionally uncomfortable and it makes for epic imagery. Bring a spare outfit, just for backups or variety. 4) PROPS Will you need something to sit on? A change of jewellery? An umbrella for the ultimate power pose? Make a list.

5) EQUIPMENT - Tripod - Remote or timed release (you'll need to practice hiding your remote/phone if you're doing this. TOP TIP: relax the hand the remote is in, look closely at my left hand in the images with the tree. I'm holding the remote! I've put it on a 2 second delay so I can point, pose and perfect. - Patience (I'll class it as equipment, you'll definitely need it)

6) INTENTION Think about your intention. WHY are you taking these portraits? WHAT will you use them for? WHAT emotion or reaction do you want to invoke in your audience? For this series, I wanted to share something that I love, wholeheartedly believe in and am fiercely passionate about. The freedom to breastfeed and take no shit from anyone about it. I also wanted some images that represent who I am and what I stand for. 7) HAVE FUN Nothing more needs to be said there.

I'd love to see what you create so tag me on instagram @hannahbphotographyuk Want some badass portraits like these but want someone to take them for you? Look no further, I'm your gal. Drop me an enquiry HERE and we'll make some magic.

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