My Mother's Day Gift to Myself

Updated: Jan 24

This Mother’s Day, I gifted myself some time with my daughter, Alba, to capture the final days of our breastfeeding journey.

At the end, she took herself off and said “all done”. If my heart could burst, it did in that moment and that was the clearest sign for us both of the bittersweet end to our journey.

This shoot was something I'd wanted to do for a while and have always, always wanted to do.

Breastfeeding my beautiful, strong daughter has been one of my highest pleasures, accomplishments and best and most challenging journeys I have ever been on. Through the initial latch, the following pain, the mastitis, the leaking, the chipped tooth, the night feeds, the morning feeds, the feeds for me, the feeds for her, it has been so emotionally stunning.

My current pregnancy seems to have stopped my supply and our journey seems to have come to a sudden and very sad but joyful end.

I craved so deeply to document one of the last times I'd feed and nourish my daughter with my body's incredible creation, made just for her. I will and do deeply miss our bonding time and calm it brings over us both.

It's been a beautiful, beautiful journey and it's been my highest honour.

I love you, sweet Alba.

It's my calling to capture these moments, to help you feel, connect, remember and cherish fleeting and special moments like this, so if you're on the same journey or on a different but equally important path, fill out the contact form today HERE and let's capture some magic.

Love, Han xxx

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