Sunrise + Sand Dunes, the perfect combo

Back when the sun was rising early and its beam were warm and doughy, sunrise shoots were all the rage over at Hannah B Photography. I love them because: 1) The light is almost always yummy (not always, check the weather, kids)

2) There's a stillness like no other, and you can settle into your session quicker knowing there's no one around

3) Morning fresh air

4) Hot chocolates

5) Get the rest of the day to have a nap and do other things

Well, when Cara booked herself and her wonderful family in for a session, I was overjoyed to hear that she was as insane as I am and LOVED my sunrise suggestion. We headed to Merthyr Mawr Sand Dunes in South Wales for a beautiful, golden family session. I'm still finding sand in my boots to this day. Ne'er ye mind, it takes me back to that wonderful morning.

Want to find out how to have your own sunrise golden dewy morning session? Of course you do. Scroll to the bottom to find out how to book in.

Here's some lovely moments I know you'll love:

Drop me a line HERE to book in your own session. You want to get up at sunrise? You want to do sunset instead? You want to go in the sea? Whatever you're craving, I can't wait to make memories with you. All my love and kindness, Han


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