Undergrowth 2020

Updated: Nov 7

Jack Philp and Hannah Bracher-Smith present UNDERGROWTH

This project involves a choreographic installation captured through a photographic series, accompanied by a short movement film which we invited you to watch HERE

"As we grapple with the unique circumstances of 2020, reflecting upon the necessities and our relationship to the outdoors, this work will respond to our real world outdoor landscape crashed together with our new found indoor environments. From our anxieties about change to themes of claustrophobia and growth, now more than ever, there feels like a necessity for artwork to help us reflect, process and communicate.”

Undergrowth is part of our Festival Echoes programme funded by Arts Council England.

Director of Photography: Hannah B Photography

Artistic Direction and Choreography: Jack Philp Dance

Director of Photography and Videography - Hannah B Photography UK

Artistic Direction & Choreography - Jack Philp Dance

Funded and supported by - Arts Council England and Festival Stoke

All rights reserved © Hannah B Photography | Licensed and Insured |

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