Virtual Motherhood Shoot Swap

I'm obsesssssssing over these shoots and being able to stay creative and keep on doing what I love best. I love connecting with amazing mothers and their tiny humans. I love witnessing moments of pure adoration and raw vulnerability. I love seeing two souls, once one, connecting effortlessly and wholly. I’m so thankful for social media, technology and good friends and family, for without these, I’d sure be feeling alone. Nina Goks Photography and I met on Instagram and have been texting and fangirling over each other for a long time now. This week, we finally connected via video chat and took the opportunity to keep ourselves creative and did a mini shoot via FaceTime. (Are you thinking, what in the name of Sam Hill is a FaceTime photoshoot? Well, you can check out a wicked tutorial written by yours truly HERE and perhaps do one of your own. If you do, be sure to tag me on Instagram so I can see your amazing work - @hannahbphotographyuk)

Thank you, Neenz for showing me your beautiful reality and raw motherhood. I’m grateful for you and your aesthetically pleasing colour tones. Nina took some of me and my smallest friend which you can check out on her instagram HERE and in both our stories (WHICH ARE ONLY UP FOR 24 HOURS SO GO, GO, GO! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???!!!) Here's a few of Nina and her earthling, Ruka. Enjoy.

As a little something extra, I took some images set up of my phone screen with my big camera. Yesterday was the first time I’ve used my big ass camera in what seems like weeks, so it was nice to take time to set this up to present the virtual photoshoots in a different way. Shoutout to Nina, for A) being my model B) inspiring me to give this a try C) introducing this to me in the first place and D) being raw and vulnerable and honest with me and allowing me to capture her family from afar. Here's the result:

Who doesn't love crystals, plants, IKEA rugs and bamboo?

How are you staying creative during quarantine? I'd love to know - drop a comment on Instagram and Facebook.

As always, there's more on Instagram so why not give us a follow and get your daily oxytocin fix. Stay safe, and wash those paws of yours. All my love and kindness, Han xxxxx

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