WalesCASA Photographer of the Year 2019

Well, the title says it all. I am the Wales Children's Activities and Services Awards Photographer of the Year 2019, and I am absolutely thrilled! I applied last summer with a small essay about my business, work ethic and morals and the importance of my job and didn't hear anything for a few months. Fast forward to the end of the year where I received an email congratulating me on becoming a finalist!

A new dress, a silly amount of hairspray, speech written and some statement heels later, my husband and I were all dolled up ready for the awards show this January.

I really want to thank my wonderful husband and his beautiful beard for supporting me through this difficult but totally rewarding journey and being courteous enough to hide his feelings when I buy yet another lens.

There’s so many people I’d love to thank for supporting me through the highs and lows of starting my own business. But mostly to my two beautiful and hilarious children who inspire me daily and make me a better person.

I am so incredibly proud of myself for this a massive achievement and even more excited for the huge step this has taken for recognition in the birth community. Birth is beautiful and the wonderful workers who dedicate their lives to everything birth and postpartum deserve to be shouted about. Thank you to Kelly for organising such a fabulous event and to all the wonderful sponsors!

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