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photography farm workshop

July 20, 2017

For months I'd been fangirling pretty hard over the Photography Farm Facebook page and wanting/yearning to go to one of their workshops, which isn't the easiest when you have a newborn and love naps. Nevertheless, the Farm (that's what us 'farmers' call it - #inthecrew) was hosting a shoot day as a portfolio builder with incredible photographers teaching us their infinite wisdom, and it wasn't too far away from where I'd had a shoot booked anyway. From Cardiff on Monday morning to the shoot to the woodlands at Chiltern Burial Ground on Tuesday, I'd arrived with my pal to shoot and learn. Win. 

The day was split into 3 shoots with a different photographer each time, focussing on either couples or bridal portraiture. 

First up with Lisa Jane Photos - couples:

 I leapt out my very cosy comfort zone and shot in direct sunlight (!) but ended up embracing the garish sunshine and...liking it. Change up the settings and we get some moody, intimate shots where it feels like the couple is completely alone (and not being stalked by 6+ photographers). 

Shot with Canon 600D, 24-70mm f4.0

Vegan katsu, jasmine rice, mangetout, fresh fruit. Not here for my lunch? Okay, moving on. 

2nd shoot with Jo Clement from Enchanted Brides - bridal:

 Decided to switch to the 50mm as the 24-70mm is definitely my 'safe' lens and ended up much preferring the images shot with the 50. Whacked the f-stop to its lowest at 1.8 and got some dreamy and very shallow DOF. Just look at the blur and bokeh. Yummy. 

Naughty me ran over to another shoot and tried more couple shots with Enchanted Brides:

 Shot using Canon 600d with 50mm. 

Lastly with Lisa Jane Photos again - bridal:

 First of all, can we just pause and admire the dress. Holy guacamole. The dress. 


Okay, all back? 

Again shot with the 50mm and loving the effects it has highlighting the model and all the wonderful aspects of the styling. 

I had an awesome time, building up my confidence, increasing my portfolio and feeling pretty great at the end of the day. I was so excited, I cracked out the MacBook in the car and started editing. In hindsight, waiting until home probably would've been better. #carsick


Thank you to all those at Photography Farm, I highly recommend their brilliance. Check out their website and get yourself along to one of the workshops. You won't regret it. Unless photography's not your thing then it's probably a waste of time. 

Thank you to all the suppliers and talent for the day. Go ahead and make their day by following them all on Instagram or checking out their websites.

Photography Hannah B Photography @photography.hannahb

Dresses Grace Loves Lace @grace_loves_lace  Morgan Davies Bridal @morgan_davies_bridal

Headband Tilly Thomas Lux @tillythomaslux 

Hair + MUA Louise Seymour MUA @lou_seymourmua 

Styling Mr and Mrs Unique @mrandmrsunique 

Venue Greenacres Chiltern @greenacresweddings 

Floral arrangement The Basement Florist @thebasementflorist The Baldock Flower Farm @thebaldockflowerfarm Howbury Farm Flowers @howburyfarmflowers 

Workshop Photography Farm @photographyfarm 

Models Maggie @maggieirving Yas @yasmarie23

Agency Leni's Model Agency @lenis_models


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