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broken flip flops, chilly toes and amazing fun with Philly + Liam

October 11, 2017

The lovely lady you'll see here is my good pal, Philly; she's also a photographer and an ethereal goddess (the proof's in the pudding - see below). We help each other out, send each other pictures we're not sure on, give each other praise and advice and she's probably the person I speak to most, besides my fiancé, daughter, mum, big bro and myself (Don't say that, they'll think you're crazy).

We decided to build up our portfolios using each other as models and bringing along our (somewhat reluctant) partners for couple-y shots and trying out ideas we've been brewing in our minds; so we headed to the Brecon Beacons for our shoot and to put our joint Pinterest board to good use. 

We left Cardiff at 1pm and got home around 7pm. Yikes. BUT we got some great material to work with!

"The car park is right next to the waterfall, shouldn't take too long to get there." 
2 hours later...

We didn't get lost per se but we did ask multiple passersby for directions to the waterfall. Which by the way, there's 4 of them and it takes about 8+ hours to do the whole trail but the one we researched and wanted took about 2 hours to get there. 

Embarrassingly out of breath with extremely muddy feet, we finally arrived:

So it turns out, the image above was selected for Photography Farm’s #farmerimageoftheweek where incredible photographers choose an image they think deserves the recognition. What a freaking honour it is to be chosen among breathtaking works of art by some of my favourite photographers. 

You can check out the article here


I actually found out one morning about a week after while changing a poopy nappy as I got a message from Philly congratulating me. On the nappy, I thought? If not, it should be, this one's a doozy.


The convo went a little like this:


H: Why????? What have I missed?



*screaming, jumping, wiping butts, more screaming*
etc etc.


Back to the shoot!

It was difficult/next to impossible to get the shots I'd envisioned in my head because the conditions weren't suitable and slightly, if not incredibly dangerous (be careful when creating, kids) but this only means I get to do the other shots in a different shoot and have some more fun doing what makes me happy. 
It also gave me the opportunity to think on the spot, work to the conditions and to see what I could produce with limited time and restrictions. 

Another reason the trail took so long is because we stopped at different locations along the way because we saw photographic potential. Typical photographers, geez. 

Oh I do love bare feet in the woods/mud/water/whatever.

And of course we took some pictures with our boys so they weren't just our pack mules. 

Look how cute they are with their 'accidental' matching outfits. Sure guys, it was pure coincidence...

Thank you to Liam and Matt for coming along and being models for Philly and I. We appreciate your reluctancy and interpret it as pure enthusiasm and elation. 

If you're someone, like me, who loves to explore and be adventurous, I'd absolutely LOVE to meet up and hear your ideas - the waterfall above is just so stunning, and you can walk behind it which was breathtaking. I definitely want to go back here to shoot some more and have some slightly wacky ideas. If you think we're a match made in heaven (or Brecon...) then get in touch and let's get mucky!


You can see Philly's amazing work (I'll be on there from this shoot!) here.



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