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discovering New Zealand with Ben + Hayley

November 25, 2017

I recently went to New Zealand to visit my big brother and his wonderful partner (got back yesterday so I actually don't even know what time/day/year/planet my body thinks it's on right now) and within the 1500+ images I took of the trip, I captured these two being all adorable and happy, so here are a few. I followed them round New Zealand like a stalker, embraced bizarre stares and had an amazing trip. Check it out.

The sunsets there give off the most amazing colours.


It was just so lovely to see them both so happy and to catch it on camera. I just love love.

If you've had a browse of my About page, you'll see that one of my photography goals is to capture a wedding in every continent. SO, if you're getting married, or know someone who is, I would be honoured to be there to photograph your day. Plus, it's super awesome for me and you know, a life goal or whatever (guilt trip much?!)... If you want to get married on a mountain (which someone I know did very this space), I am there. Tell me your ideas!!


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