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getting ready with Han + Matt

December 15, 2017

(I don't mean to talk about myself in the third person but otherwise my blog title wouldn't match the other ones...)

This post is a little different as I'm sometimes in front of the camera because...I got married! 
My husband (eeee!) and I decided to elope on a mountain in Queenstown, New Zealand without telling anyone until the day before. Romantic, right?

As we'd only have photographs of the ceremony and our portraits done, I decided to take our 'getting ready' shots and few ones afterwards. 

Without further ado, I present the new Mr + Mrs AKA me + Matt.

 My handsome husband! 

Obligatory dress shots. 

 What a domestic goddess.

I don't just bruise like a peach. I am the peach.
("Dad, grab the camera, this would be a cute shot!!")

Copying out his vows to take up with us. His was MUCH neater than mine.

Our wedding shoes - although I took mine off to get married. It's always been the one thing I was sure I wanted to do when I got married, ever since I knew what weddings were.

 Another obligatory dress shot. Obviously.


 Set up by me, taken by Mum.

 We bought our rings from this wonderfully cute shop here in Wales so we had a bit of 'home' with us.

 Believe it or not, I got that gnarly cut playing a game of cards. And people say I'm competitive...

 I've been saving this bracelet ever since I bought it whenI was 14. It's from the 1920's so it's my something old, and blue! 

I bought this for Matt for our 6 month anniversary back in 2010.

 And our 1 year anniversary.

I LOVE my mucky dress. It's perfect. 


Our wedding day was absolutely perfect. It was simple, no fuss, and awesome. It was us. 
















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