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Based in South Wales, UK with a love for travel

photographing life is an expression of your reality, a moment in time that will never fade and yours to cherish and love for years to come

Hey and welcome!

Congratulations on being you; whether you're pregnant, engaged, in love, or just awesome. Now let's capture it to remember this amazing time in your life. 

That's me: almost always wearing braids, loving snuggles with my babe, Alba (the one with the scrumptious cheeks), and consuming pasta at least once a day, and taking pictures.

I love to capture life covering all the important bits such as your birth story, the little moments like breastfeeding, time spent with your family or simply having fun because I believe these are the moments that make us who we are and I want to preserve this for you.

Alba says, 'vedfggbhsw myq bvbv swe', which roughly translates to, 'my Mama is awesome and friendly as heck and you should make some memories with her.' (Roughly.)

Want to know more about me and why I do what I do? Take a look here.


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I cannot wait to make some memories with you!

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